Manufacturing of car fabrics and upholstery

Our history starts exactly from here: in 1968 Cartex was still called TEX CAR and was a highly specialized company working in the manufacturing of fabrics and upholstery for the rapidly expanding Italian Automobile industry.

For the automobile industry

We currently manufacture a vast array of fabrics that are ideal for the making from scratch of upholstery or for the renovation of car and caravans.

Our mark of excellence has been recognized by the most important automobile brands in Europe, that throughout the years have been choosing CARTEX ITALIA products thanks to their quality and the cost-efficiency employed in the manufacturing. Every product we provide is OEKO-TEX certified, a very important feature which most of our client require to make sure the whole manufacturing process is compliant with the most severe European regulations.

Strict quality control, always compliant with EU regulations

Our fabrics are provided with treatments that comply with the most severe European regulations. Throughout the years we have partnered with resellers all around Europe to provide our fabrics to the most prominent Automobile Manufacturers.

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