Manufacturing Fabrics, since 1968

Over fifty years of experience

Cartex Italia began by producing fabrics for car covers. As experience and the market grew, the production line for car covers was joined by the production line for furnishing fabrics.

Today, our production is permanently aimed at both these sectors: car covers and furniture. In addition, we have articles dedicated to the production of bags and caravan and boat interiors.

Products for all markets

We cater for a very wide market: furniture and car cover manufacturers, fabric wholesalers and retailers, publishers and interior designers, craftsmen and upholsterers.

For all these customers, we have developed a wide range of articles over many years, which are available in cut and roll form. And we deliver worldwide with punctuality and timeliness.

Design and customisation

Cartex Italia’s experience and passion for fabrics are not limited to production. Our style office works to develop new collections in line with market trends and can work alongside you to transform your designs into concrete products.

Our sample laboratory makes pulls and colour ranges of your customised collections to present effectively to your customers.

Weaving and everything else

Laminating, dyeing, finishing and finishing: long-standing partnerships with specialised laboratories complement the services offered by Cartex Italia to meet all your needs.

Who are we

Celestino Ugoccioni Cartex Italia

The owners: Maurizio, Massimiliano e Alessandro

In 2014 the founder, Celestino Ugoccioni, passed the baton to his sons Maurizio, Massimiliano and Alessandro who still renew, with passion and care, their father’s experience in order to face the new market challenges.