Manufacturing Fabrics, since 1968

State of the arte weaving department

At the heart of the company is the weaving section: 16 looms (10 of which Jacquards-type) produce about 5000 meters of fabric a day. CARTEX’s specialists keep this long-standing handcrafted knowledge alive.

The production process is completely Oeko-Tex certified and all the raw materials and yarns we employ undergoes strict tests and quality controls. CARTEX produces modern and classic fabrics in rolls and pieces. Its products are addressed to the furniture industry and to caravans and cars interior covering. Fabrics are principally made of linen and cotton fiber, polyester and acrylic.

CARTEX has a wide range of products in its warehouse and it is able to satisfy any customization request.

Fast sampling, timely deliveries

Our Jacquard fabric manufacturing is capable of combining the performance of a long run production facility with the needs of a fast prototyping and sampling response: these qualities allow us to deliver furnishing fabrics that match (and, most of the time, exceed) the Clients expectectations.

Thanks to the qualified work of our Style Department we can literally guide you to the right direction in developing a succesful project, either for what concerns the choice of materials and for the sake of aesthetics and cost-efficiency.

Who are we

Celestino Ugoccioni Cartex Italia

The owners: Maurizio, Massimiliano e Alessandro

In 2014 the founder, Celestino Ugoccioni, passed the baton to his sons Maurizio, Massimiliano and Alessandro who still renew, with passion and care, their father’s experience in order to face the new market challenges.