Marine Fabrics: from small sailboats to luxury yachts

Cartex is a world-renowned supplier of upholstery fabrics for boats, whether they are small sailboat or large yacths we have the knowledge, skill and expertise to manufacture the right marine fabric.

Deep Understanding of the maritime industry

At Cartex we are deep-water connoisseur of the particular requirements in terms of performance, technical specifications and deployment of fabrics for the naval and maritime industry. In fact, we take it so seriously that we have devoted an entire manufacturing line to marine fabrics and upholstery.

We have been pioneers, and now expert masters, of the implementation of technology to fabric manufacturing, allowing us to deliver upholstery built on cutting edge nanotechnology achievements: such fabrics are more resistant, water-proof, unshrinkable and fire-resistant than conventional fabrics, while retaining their natural and organic qualities.

Sailing deep waters, with Cartex by your side

Our fabric undergo such stressful, in depth quality controls every day that you will be surprised they even get out alive. This is our effort towards a better, safer, more efficient world, and your safe bet on a reliable and dependable partner for all your needs regarding naval and marine fabrics.

Some images of our manufacturing complex

Take a look by yourself at the specialized, cutting edge manufacturing complex we have right here, in central Italy.


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