Car fabrics: latest news

Cartex Italia’s production is divided into two main lines: furnishing fabrics and car fabrics. Car textiles is where our business started. This is why we are able to offer you decades of experience, which translates into a very wide range of products in terms of type and materials, suitable for all your needs.

We supply fabrics to large original equipment manufacturers as well as to artisan upholsterers. We have fabrics for linings, but also for car skins, interior panels and other special uses.

The main materials from which we produce our car fabrics are:

  • Airlan
  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Acrylic
  • Wool

Here are some of the latest articles we have produced.

FIBRA is characterised by the recognisable optical geometric pattern.
The special geometric pattern makes the STINTINO one of our most popular articles, both for original and replacement linings.
The GEMI is the latest addition to the catalogue, with a plain background and a geometric pattern in various colours.
The MITO is characterised by its special texture, which is pleasing both to the eye and to the touch.
The tightly woven, continuous and regular texture of the GABON article is ideal both for making up the entire seat cover and for making up inserts and armrests.

To find out about all the fabrics and customisation possibilities, please contact us as soon as possible: we will be happy to work with you.

Coloured furnishing fabrics

Most of the fabrics we produce fall under the broad definition of coloured fabrics. But when we talk about coloured fabrics we have to distinguish different types:

  • yarn-dyed fabrics;
  • printed fabrics;
  • piece-dyed fabrics.

Yarn-dyed fabrics

cartellini con campioni di filati di varie cromie per la produzione di tessuti colorati

Yarn-dyed fabrics are the most important part of our catalogue. They allow for a great variety of combinations, both in terms of aesthetics and material, and have special characteristics in terms of colourfastness.

The choice of suitable yarns is the first design challenge we face when creating a new fabric, choosing from the wide range of colours and materials available. It is then the combination of colourful and designer yarns that will define the style of the fabric, whether it is a solid colour, a pattern or a geometric pattern.

Tessuto per arredamento con pattern geometrico bianco su fondo rosso

Printed fabrics

Certainly the greatest freedom of expression is achieved with printed fabrics. The fabric becomes almost a painter’s canvas, on which colours and shapes are placed. The possibilities for personalising the style are almost endless.

One of the prerogatives of our design office is precisely the customised proposals. Coloured, plain and printed fabrics make up collections with a strong personality, textures that are unique both to the eye and to the touch.

Composizione di tessuti colorati stampati a foglie viola e tinta unita giallo e bianco

Piece-dyed fabrics

In addition to yarn-dyed and printed fabrics, the other large family of coloured fabrics is that of piece-dyed fabrics. The main characteristics that distinguish them are their great chromatic flexibility and the possibility of customisation with sample colours.

Piece-dyed coloured fabrics were developed industrially for large production runs in terms of quantity. However, since piece-dyed fabrics combine well with other finishes (such as stain-resistant or flame-retardant) in the production process, we have also included a selection of piece-dyed fabrics in our cut proposals.

Rotoli di tessuto colorato ammucchiati su uno scaffale

To discover all the potential of coloured fabrics, whether yarn-dyed, printed or piece-dyed, and to create a special product for you and your customers, contact our style department: our designers and technicians will be able to advise you and work to meet your needs.

Floral printed fabric

Printed upholstery fabrics occupy a special place in our production. The creation of a printed fabric follows its own design and production lines, involving both internal and external expertise; and of course the possibilities for customisation are endless, or almost. Among all the patterns developed over the years and available in the catalogue, we propose a timeless floral printed fabric.

Detail of printed fabric with patterned flowers and leaves
An example of a floral printed fabric

A classic and timeless subject

This floral fabric is an example of our printed cottons. On a 100% pure cotton base, we have a pattern with a classic and timeless subject: flowers and leaves. Spring inspiration is indeed a typical and always up-to-date theme in printed fabrics for sofas, armchairs and cushions.

Hands with red nail polish on their fingers flicking through the colour chart of a fabric printer
The printing house’s colour shade chart

Colour shades are fundamental

Selecting colours for a printed fabric is more than just a matter of aesthetics. The rendering of the colours that digital printing produces must be perfect. After choosing the pattern and defining the design, we then move on to selecting all the shades on the colour chart of our trusted printing house.

Fabrics printed with flowers of different colours folded and arranged in a fan shape
Some colour variants of the flower print

One fabric for many colour patterns

The colour variations of a patterned print fill the eyes. In contrast to a plain colour, where we find a pleasant gradation of colours in the same fabric, in the case of a floral we seem to be looking at different fabrics. Light and dark greens, oranges and yellows, pinks, light blues and blues are just a few of the many nuances to be grasped.

Various floral and unfolded fabrics arranged on top of each other
Some combinations of even heterogeneous fabrics

Proposals for design combinations

One of our specialities is to offer collections of several articles together. Even a fabric with an important pattern – such as a floral pattern – doesn’t necessarily stand alone. On the contrary, it is from the interplay of upholstery and cushions that the most interesting aesthetic and design solutions emerge.

To find out which is your favourite among the designs already available or to develop a product tailored to your needs, contact us at your convenience: we are at your disposal.